Founding Principle

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The founding and sustaining principle of Hope Construction, Inc. is integrity. For unless a commitment to integrity is maintained, then all other values which we may espouse - quality, value, economy, service - are mere rhetoric. We at Hope Construction, Inc. are confident that as a result of our commitment to integrity you will benefit from these other important characteristics in our dealings with you.

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"Bob has been a trusted inspection consultant that I have relied on for several years. I consider him to be the construction expert for the Ohio and surrounding areas. Bob has been kind enough to answer lots of construction related questions for me that have come up regarding area and state requirements as well as standard practices. His insight has been valuable and very much appreciated. Bob has been thorough and timely with his paperwork and provided verbal reports when we needed unusually quick turnaround. I do not even remember ever finding an error on one of his reports. Always pleasant, professional and anxious to assist, I am happy to recommend Bob and his work."

L.F., JP Morgan Chase Bank

"I have been working with Hope Construction  for the past three years.   Bob was kind enough to come to our banking institution to provide us with a detailed overview of his company and the services he provides.   I was so impressed  with his detail, knowledge of the industry and inspection reporting information that I added him to our list of approved inspection firms.     Over the course of three years I have engaged Hope construction on many construction projects to provide us with Plan & Cost Reviews as well as monthly inspection site visits and reporting.    I found Hope Construction  to be thorough, extremely timely in responding to ongoing inspection requests as well as to taking on new projects and keeping us apprised on any issues, concerns, needed revisions to paperwork submitted and courteous to the staff at the project sites and our developers.   I would not hesitate to recommend Bob and his company to other banking institutions that are seeking  a responsible,  highly motivated and knowledgeable inspection firm."

G.H., Huntington Bank